A feminine, charming and filigree Patina Butterfly and Arcylic Daisy Flower Necklace.


This necklace is an eye-catcher with its lovely Filigree Vintage Patina Butterfly stamping. The stamping itself has adorable details and is well made and despite being brass has longevity. As a further detail a lovely Acrylic Daisy Flower is attached to the left wing. The chain is black and brass.

The patina will look differently on every necklace and will change over time which is a natural effect using patina.


This is an eye-catcher necklace and will go with any outfit and occasion.



Vintage brass butterfly stamping approx. 4,5 x 4 cm

White and yellow Daisy flower Cabochon, approx.  2,5 cm

Brass and bronze tone chain and  lobster clasp


Total length of the necklace approx.:  22 cm


 What is patina?

The best way to explain it is that it’s a “process.” Just like things age over time, a patina finish put on metal/steel or zinc processes to bring out the raw metal textures, color and enhances the current metal look. Patina is a tarnish produced by chemical processes that forms on the surface of many types of metals. When exposed to the elements, a coating of various chemical compounds, such as oxides and carbonates form on the surface. Using this process, it creates a weathered appearance on the metal which will continue to change over time.



Please note that all the jewellery is handmade. Please handle with care. Especially wire jewellery is very delicate.  It’s recommended to store your jewellery in a box or dedicated pouch. You can clean your pieces with a soft bristled brush, soap and lukewarm water.


Each jewellery piece will come in a jewellery box.               


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